• I stay up every night thinking of you.
    Trying to fall asleep.
    Instead of sleep tears fall.
    Tears fall from my eyes.
    Tears you cause.
    Because you know.
    You know, but don’t care.
    I might as well be dead to you.
    You could live with out me.
    You could live day after day and not even think of me.
    And that hurts.
    Every sad song reminds me of you.
    Am I just another girl?
    Just another girl in you gallery?
    Just another girl conquered on your list?
    Just another animal hunted and shot down?
    That feels real good.
    It must feel good to know that if you need me I will be there.
    Be there like a puppy.
    I don’t understand how I can still like you after all of this.
    I thought you liked me at first.
    You did good.
    You win the award for best actor.
    Now you got what you wanted.
    You got what you wanted and now you gone.
    Off to another.
    Yes, I know you still use me sometimes.
    But like I said,
    You “use” me.
    And the sad thing is,
    I still come back to you.
    I come running back to you when you want something.
    And you know it.
    I feel like a puppy.
    An abused puppy.
    The more you kick it around,
    The more it loves you.
    The more it tries to please you.
    I don’t like being this way.
    How did you do it?
    How did you wrap me around your finger?
    You say jump.
    I jump.
    You say kiss me.
    I kiss you.
    What is a kiss to you?
    Just a kiss?
    It’s more to me.
    To me, it’s a flicker of hope.
    Hope that you might like me.
    But that hope disappears like a smothered candle flame the moment you roll over.
    The moment you roll over and shut me out of your life.
    Until after a couple of weeks you decide to relight the flame.
    The flame of hope.
    Then after a night.
    I am reduced to smoke again.
    Smoke that just waits and hovers around until you blow it away
    I hope you know someday.
    Know how much pain you are causing me.
    Know what you are putting me through.
    Know how it feels.
    How it feels to be pushed around.
    Being pushed around and not being able to do anything about it.
    Crying yourself to sleep every night.
    Wishing that one person in you life would love you.
    And because you know that one person,
    Will never love you the way you want them too.
    Never love you…