• hooded man:
    Are you sugesting that thy lord is almighty?
    That he created the stars?
    Flooded the basins to form the great seas?
    He who speaks of "loving thy fellow man" even though men invade The "holyland" in his name?
    While brother fights brother because of this recent schism in thy faith?
    How can you put thine undying faith in hipocricy?!

    young man:
    I follow the Almighty God and no other.
    Thou art a test of my faith why else wouldst thou ask such questions?

    hooded man:
    I am a test of thine common sense boy!
    Thine God speaks of peace,but men slay men and use faith as a mask to hide Their greed.
    I was once like thou,young and easily pushed to one side but i have seen the Error in my way and so shall you my boy
    Ponder what we have discussed and thou shall see thine error