• I feel complete when I look into your amiable eyes
    It feels like I've known you my entire life
    Your gaze holds me in place, holds me in elation
    I can't get enough, can't get enough of this fixation

    Hold me in your arms longer, don't let go
    As you touch my arm tenderly, moving real slow
    I simply melt, my legs becoming like jello
    Utterly soothing, it makes me mellow

    Your luscious scent envelopes my being
    I don't know why, but it feels so freeing
    The smell of you skin, it feels like home
    It's still here when you leave and I'm all alone

    The dulcet sound of your voice brings so much joy
    That nightly phone call is something I thoroughly enjoy
    When you light-heartedly chuckle , I am aglow
    It's something I live for, do you know

    Perhaps my favorite, your delectable kiss
    Something that brings me exuberant bliss
    Of all the enslavements, possibly the most missed
    I don't believe a sweeter addiction exists