• A bleeding heart
    freshly ripped out of her chest.
    A hole there
    no happiness.
    The girl reaches out,
    weakened by her loss,
    wanting to shout out,
    to call for help..
    But something stops her,
    or at least muffles her screams.
    Not waiting for a moment to show her scars,
    but rather looking to the past
    and how bloody those scars are.
    she doesn't want them.
    she doesn't want her body.
    she doesn't want to love him.
    but he's there.
    not waiting, but just..
    doesn't wave hello.
    doesn't say hi.
    he's just there.
    and now she knows he doesn't care.
    she WANTS him to care.
    she WANTS him to be there,
    by her side..
    not.. "just there"..
    but its not right.
    he doesn't care.
    he doesn't want to be there,
    by her side.
    he wants to be elsewhere
    because he doesn't care.
    she wants him there,
    but he don't care.
    she wants him,
    but he don't care.
    he wants to be "independant again",
    on his own.
    so she finally let go.