• So here I am again,
    In this place, I don't know where
    I come here now and then,
    But I always arrive here without warning,
    I hate this place, yet I constatly end up here,
    I go through my path in life and it seems inevitable,
    That everything good must led me here.

    I feel alone, scared, sad, afraid, yet.... I feel peace.
    Like I know this place can do me no harm,
    This place stops me from harming others,
    It is a good place for me... In theory that is.

    I'm here every now and then,
    It's a sad place full of my memories,
    It's a scary place with my unsure futrue put infront of me,
    It's a place where everything is wrong... On the inside.
    It's a place where I have too much time... When time is running out,
    It's a place where I feel insecure, where I feel unwanted... Not loved... Used.
    Here is my personal hell, I spend time here now and again,
    when outside world outside shuts down...
    And this is all that I have left...