• Into the currents I am swept
    As the fiery glory burns
    into the battlefield.
    I do not see, I do not hear
    Only feel as you fall.
    the grey eyes of a hawk I gazed.
    The very hawk
    that is not true;
    But is a phoenix
    perched upon a burning branch.
    The burning branch of glory that shone in your eyes
    as you fell.
    Hark, I hear the angels sing
    but why, when I don't believe in
    such illusions of the Human heart?
    But why, when the birds singing in my ear
    saw fit for your decent?
    I do not belong
    anywhere, but
    in those pools of raging, burning eyes
    inside of which a hawk that is the phoenix,
    perches on a blazing, solitary branch
    in your mind and mind
    which, through some miracle of clumsiness
    you have broken through on whim and wager.
    I want to fall into a darkness slept
    Caressed by you fire.