• Dreams still bind my discontented lover and myself.
    I want to break the psychic link we share,the only bond we still share.
    I hate you I've hated you for years,watching you destroy all I ever believed in.
    If I go blind I would still suffer the sight of you,till death,in these wretched dreams.
    I Love You and wish nothing but misery upon you.
    Souls cannot be unbound no,
    I shall suffer the torment of your love even in death,
    You will be my devil,my dark angel.
    I am worthless without you my love,torn,
    split between the pure love we once shared and,
    the agony of knowing it shall never exist again.
    I hate myself,I hate you,
    I hope the pain you have inflicted is returned to you in some
    horrible twist,a guise that presents itself as lovingly
    as you once did.
    A Curse Upon You,
    Your House,
    All Your Dreams