• Even as I walk through the valley in the shadow
    of death I won't fear, I'll be solid, never hollow
    Cuz if in this life, there's a path I gotta follow
    Let fate set it's course, cuz my time is borrowed

    I try to stay strong for my baby when she sheds tears
    no matter what the burden, i will carry and remain here
    if there's one thing that is sure, never unclear
    I'll pay whatever cost it takes so that she never fears

    I would die if it meant my baby could see better days
    to never see sadness streaming down her face
    even though we have our own thoughts, our own ways
    she'll forever be in my heart, and that's where she'll stay

    So here I am knockin on death's front door
    I'm gonna kick it right down, while stompin on the porch
    see i'm not afraid to go, wont even ask 'what for'
    I'll tell the reaper 'come and get me', when he gives it, ask for more.