• Clouds and Mists

    Of a dark shade of blue, black, white and grey,
    Dear Clouds and Mists,
    you remind me of how lonely we were
    How we were sad once upon a time
    the lame sadness
    Comes and goes..

    We never gained
    and never lived..
    Never long enough
    To hear the breezy wind
    To hear birds chirping,
    All I could hear is the pounding rain
    And in our Loneliness, Darkness surrounded us
    Forever to watch,
    Forever to see,
    Forever to be,
    Of deep blue sorrow,

    Never meant to belong,
    Never meant all along,
    Alienated and broken I sit on the roof
    And you watch the pain
    The pain of being, fractured and broken
    But yet, I can’t hardly feel sad enough,
    For it is not my pain that I’m feeling,
    But yours..