• Inside my heart is beating,
    Beating for many reasons.
    Im scared and uncomfortable
    Im happy for you yet maybe even for me

    I got you back from the beast I did
    Yet something else is there
    My Love for you cannot be any deeper
    Something is happening

    My love is growing and so am I
    Life has been messing me up
    You are the only thing that's keeping me going
    If you leave me that would be it

    But our love is strong yet I still do worry
    You love me I see that,
    yet is there something else there too
    Something new ive never felt

    Something called happiness
    Happiness is a new feeling for me
    I was never happy till you came along
    Now that's all I am

    Your soul has cured me
    Your love has secured my soul
    Your existence is what I am
    Your life is what I need.

    If you were never to enter this World
    Nor would I have
    Since you are alive I am too
    Without you I am nothing without me you are too

    Our love has been bonded since birth you see
    So when you are sad I am too, you are happy
    Look it that I am as well
    Destinies of two bodies in one thing called love

    That is us my love,
    This is what we are
    We are love you and I
    Both of us together is what the world wants.