• For you,
    My love i am sorry.
    I find myself in a pool of water,
    that isnt mearly a puddle,
    but an ocean of my sorrow.
    The salt of my tears,
    it dries my skin,
    the hate of myself,
    leaves me in contempt.
    I love you still,
    but to coward am i to say it,
    and better off you are,
    that the scum i am or was,
    had left.
    I didnt deserve you,
    or measure up to your grace,
    i should go blind,
    for your beauty,
    deserves more than this face,
    that was,
    that is,
    that could have been,
    that should have been.
    For you,
    I am sorry,
    That i can not let go of my mistakes,
    sweet Vampiress,
    my lost Goddess,
    because i saw to late.