• "Death of a Lover"
    I never thought that all good
    things can come to end.
    But the one I love dies.
    Why did you die?
    Your death makes me cry.
    Without you, darkness is all around me.
    I wished that I will see you again.
    Sadly, it will never be.
    I will regret not being there for you
    when you were alive.
    But I will not regret loving you.
    I pray for you to appear
    in my dreams.
    So you can tell me that you've
    moved on to a better place.
    I can't cry for myself but,
    I can cry for you.
    I sleep the days away
    wishing it was a dream.
    These are the tears I cry for you.
    You told me that no one lives forever.
    One day we will meet once more.
    In a place without pain or suffering.
    Until then I must live with the
    memories of you in my head.
    With your everlasting love,
    I will move on.
    I love you.
    Rest In Peace.