• They say a dead man knows all,
    But what is to know everything?
    Is it to know one’s happier life? The greater glory of life?
    Or is it the one thing that changed his heart’s ring?
    Is it to see where he went every night, with his friends and family?
    Or is it to witness the approaching ground, to see the clouds opening?

    These questions filled the mind of young Forensic Surgeon Karen,
    But she knew it would all be over later,
    She had plans, a family and a life,
    But this job was just a giant crater,
    She looked up at the clock, past midnight...
    ‘Ahh’ she said, ‘time to go home to my kids and painter...’

    She threw it over her, jacket and all,
    Ten minutes past, not a second to,
    'Saturday, finally, ahh, great...'
    What she was looking forward too, was that trip to the zoo,
    However, before she could move, she froze...
    The ragged man in front of her... She knew him, but who?...

    Mind clicked, eyes opened and movement back,
    'It’s impossible! It can’t be! It’s you!'
    The man in front of her stepped ever closer, ever closer,
    None could see the dead! Well, only the few;
    Psychics, madmen, scammers and ghostbusters...
    She looked back from her shoulder; so let’s review...

    Dead, dead, just as barren battlefields lie,
    Corpses buried respectfully then left to drown,
    His hair, his crown,
    His teeth, clenched down,
    His mouth, his frown,
    His outstretched arms, were bound,
    His eyes...
    ... the dead man’s eyes...

    Looking back on it now, Karen thought,
    It was all too scary, to even let myself watch...
    Sun drawing up, pushing onwards,
    The warm toast, she felt her fingers touch,
    It’s all over now, it’s all over,
    “Mummy, where’s daddy? I miss him...
    He didn’t come home...”

    And then... Karen’s fingers closed into a clutch...

    They say a dead man knows all...
    ... but does he know too much?