• like the tragic tale of montague and capulet,
    I think together this is our last day,
    modern example of Romeo and juliet,
    Now were running away, from the life we left!
    the life we left..... life we left.
    breaking away from the concrete,
    we left those fair, blood-stained streets.
    now your gone, i'm all alone,
    and all i can do is sadly moan.
    Stand over your body, it's beautiful, quite at rest.
    blame the poison for stopping the beating of your chest
    your beautiful eyes, of life bereft,
    and we should have stayed, in the life we left....
    the life we left.... life we left.
    the poisoned cup, standing half-empty,
    the thought of death softly tempts me,
    If we can't be together in this world now,
    I'll find you in the next world somehow.
    and we mourn leaving the life we left....
    the life we left... life we left.
    I feel it now, pain starts in the knee,
    stomach churns, as if at sea.
    vision fades to black, I can barely see,
    and now I cannot move, my limbs fail me.
    and now I'm saying good-bye to the life we left...
    the life we left... life... we... left.....

    hope you liked it.