• I'm standing still in this life of motion
    Hiding every possible emotion
    Pain and suffering, when does it end
    Alone in this world of pretend

    I'm standing still in perpetual hush
    While everything around is in a contant rush
    Life in a constant stir
    As I'm watching it in a blur

    I'm standing still as the world goes round
    Making nothing, but a silent sound
    Always confused, but understanding
    Everything"s always unceasingly demanding

    I'm standing still as things go by
    Staring mindlessly in the upheld sky
    Thinking as life passes along
    Everything possible, will go wrong

    I'm standing still as time is persistent
    The real world is eminently distant
    Muted is the sound of life
    Putting up with dispential strife

    I'm standing still as you walk away
    You're just another single cliche
    Never catching my every gaze
    Always putting me into a constant craze

    I'm standing still without meaning
    Life is interminably demeaning
    What is the reason behind the rhyme
    It's the result of the oppressive climb

    I'm standing still
    With an emptiness that can't be filled