• Am I not enough as I am
    Are the curves of my body not comforting to you
    Then why do you hold them so dearly
    Touch them with soothing hands
    And love them so passionately
    And what about my legs
    Legs you made sure were close by
    Legs that drew the eyes of all of your friends and
    Envious people to you
    Am I not that lady anymore to you
    Does my hand still fill healing to you
    Or was it just my insufficient hearing
    When you said they soothing when you were
    Are my eyes not seductive
    And my lips tasteful
    If not that’s your fault
    Your shorycoming for not caring for them
    Not….. Loving them
    You wonder why I cry and yet to keep a smile
    Knowing that I love you but you don’t love me back
    Brings tears to my eyes to think of all time I’ve
    Wasted thying to be your everthing
    And I smile because I know you’ll end up finding
    Someone and make them love you just the same
    But knowing that you’ll end up laying cold and
    Lonely at night or with an artificial love beside you
    Makes me want to laugh and cry
    And when you finally figure out that you had a real
    Love with me
    It will all be too late by then
    For I’ll be long gone by then