• I don't know how to deal with certain things in my way.
    My friends believe in me, they have confidence every day.
    But they have no idea about the curse that I possess.
    A curse that infects others and gets stronger with progress.

    It started long ago when I was a little child.
    I couldn't slay a dragon and Medusa's temper was wild.
    She locked me in my room for at least two or three days.
    I couldn't stand the darkness, much to my dismay.

    Ragnarok beat my head, knocked some sense into me.
    Medusa was impressed when I slayed that dragon easily.
    Now that I was older, I moved to larger prey.
    Taking human souls that come along my way.

    Now that i'm at Shibusen, I don't want to go back.
    Medusa's experiments spelled torture and death.
    I know that my life is fragile, like an innocent rose in black.
    I have friends who care for me and I won't turn my back.

    I hear that Aunt Arachne has roses in her garden- I'd want to see.
    But her castle is in a dark forest, outside of Death City.
    I'm not allowed to go there without a buddy.
    I'd choose Death the Kid for great company.

    If only someone would deliver me black roses in a bouquet.
    That would be the greatest gift ever to receive.
    Something attracts me to their scent, a question pops like a bud.
    What if a black rose were to shed black blood?