• heart She sits on her bed,
    curled up alone in a tiny ball.
    She holds back her tears the best she can, cry
    But nobody knows what she has inside.

    She walks to school alone and cold,
    Her clothes are dirty and torn.
    Hiding the bruises with the clothes she has,
    She dreads going home to the dark life she lives. crying

    When she gets home he's mad as can be,
    She runs away so he won't see.
    She try's to fly away but she can't take wing,
    So all she can do is sit and sing.

    She sings, Take me away oh oh oh,
    Take me away oh oh oh. cry
    The next day somone screams in the middle of night,
    But nobody hears and they turn off th lights.
    By the morning it'll be too late for her,
    And now she will be remembered in all our hearts. heart
    Wouldn't you know that she still lives today up there with a pretty little face!