• i
    a line
    of you
    and mixed some colors
    and putted feelings
    for you
    i made you two feet to walk and two hands to touch
    and strong arms and legs
    but mostly a strong heart
    i drew u some hair
    and eyes to see
    than i drew a gentle a smile on you.
    i drew you a body
    a strong body to move and run
    to protect some one too
    and to help
    and made a voice for you
    to speak
    to anyone
    and to preach
    one day
    and i gave you a name.
    and send u to earth and wispered to you
    that it will be rough but i know you'll be okay.
    for i will watch over you always
    and always be with you.
    by your side.

    =.god's painting.=