• Death so sweet, come to one so young. Come to take him from his pain alone. For his true love lost for gone. Never to be back and found another. Leaving that young man so hurt and alone. All his friends gone with her whom left that poor young one. So death please lift him and let him go home. To be safe and hurt no more.

    Death is a peace for one and all. It is there for many things. One of which is to get rid of painful things,
    so death is not to be feared. To me a blessing, a refuge forever from my pain.

    Death come to me at last. End the suffering from this and that. You are here for me, to take me from my pain. Oh sweet sweet death please release my pain.

    Death take my pain. Take my life. I want it no more. The reason to live say I, no purpose, no love. So, death take my pain by taking me away. Take me from the retched place called life. I wish to part from it and leave forever more.

    Death it is you alone that can save me from this pain. It is you who can take me from the pain. Oh retched love it is you who I despise so much. It is you who cause my pain, you who will cause my death. Do you hate me that much to cause pain to whom that does not deserve? Oh why does this happen to one so young. Oh why does this pain hurt so much? So I am ready to go. Take me from evil love. Who hates me for reasons that are unknown.

    Death go to the one so young. Took his life for he was in love. Poor soul does not know what is to come. Took his life because of pain, now will suffer forever more. Poor boy has so much more in store, here in hell, he won't last. Oh that poor boy, should we cut him a chance? The rules are against it this is true. Let us do it, no one will ever know. Let him go to heaven, where his death won't be in vain. He deserved that fate anyway.

    Dreaded love caused my death at last. Oh why did I love her? She who hurt me so bad. Why did I still love her and leave? Oh why did I follow love, it leads such a painful path. Oh why did I take my life, for a girl, who was not worth it? OK death take me away. I did want to die anyway.

    Oh deadly love. Terrible love. You said that you love me. Your lies and deceit cause only death and destruction. Oh why did I love thee with my whole heart? You claimed you loved me, then caused my death. My death caused so much destruction to my friends and family. Why did I trust thee? Oh why did I not move on? I'm sorry to have lost my life.

    Is thou not death. If thou take many lives. Thou is worse than death. For death does it quick. You cause suffering to take our lives. If not anything, thou is worse than death. Thou is evil, a menace to the soul.
    Thou is meant for good, for joy but yet you cause pain not meant for one so young. Thou is love but I call thee deception.

    Why did I choose to die for something as silly as love? I knew what pain it could bring. Why was I so foolish to let my heart go to someone as cruel as that? She tortured my heart and through it all about. She handed it to me on a silver platter but it was all mucked out. Now I have no regrets because I am dead where I can not feel anything.