• Travelers

    I walked along a path into the woods
    Knowing I did all that I could
    My strides came easier, my burden light
    For once this traveler didn’t have to fight

    My hearts defenses grew much stronger
    I refused to let it hurt any longer
    I walked the path in search of happiness unbound
    Something that I have never truly found

    I expected to walk the trail alone
    That the only footsteps would be my own
    But a few yards behind me, on the same road
    Another traveler walked, under a heavy load

    I recognized her the moment she appeared
    And it surprised me to find her here
    Her steps came heavy and her legs shook
    And her eyes gave mine a pain filled look

    The armor she wore was much like mine
    Once it was strong, now ruined by time
    Her arms held a blade, rusted and worn
    And through her eyes I saw her heart was torn

    I waited a while, until she came to me
    She was tired of fighting it was plain to see
    She tried to look strong, but she was never weak
    She just lacked the happiness that we all seek

    She wanted someone who she could be open too
    Someone who’s loyalty would always be true
    Someone she could trust with her heart
    Someone who would never tear it apart

    I walked beside her, not in front or behind
    And to her strength I added mine
    With both loads lighter we managed small smiles
    Forgetting our troubles, forgetting the miles

    The stone on my heart, began to chip
    My control over my soul began to slip
    A strange warmth came from my core
    As I found what I had been looking for

    A companion that I could walk beside
    Someone from whom I had nothing to hide
    And now I can only hope she can see
    That what she is looking for is me