• I was walking down a stream
    It was as quiet as it would seem.
    I walked there every evening
    I would be there, just thinking.
    If I could have three wishes
    But they could never come true like a baby bear catching fishes.

    But then I heard
    I thought I was obserd.
    I saw an angel
    With wings, robe and a halo.
    "Ill grant you three wishes, just dont tell anyone about me"
    said she.

    I wished for wealth
    And then good health.
    I coudn't make up my mind on my last wish,
    Maybe a book or a good dish?
    More wishes
    Or maybe some sushi that's delicous?

    Maybe more wealth
    I can't blame myself.
    So many choices and sugestions in my mind
    There has to be something I can find.
    My brain hurts so bad
    It made me felt really sad.

    "I wish i never found you!"
    Screamed I saying it true.
    And with that, the angel poofed away,
    "Good ridense" I'd say.
    Alas my riches and wealth were gone too
    "I wish that wish never came true!"

    Ending badly for me
    With the moral of the story.
    Always be careful what u wished for,
    For every wish turns out sore! burning_eyes