• Dark Heart

    what do you do when all hope seems lost?
    when you have no one you want to turn to
    or have no one to turn to
    no love
    no lust
    no emotion
    i'll just lie there emotionless
    drowned in my sorrowful alcoholed stained tears
    as i dive deeper and deeper into an abyss i can soon call my own
    what do you do when your spirit is dragged through the dirt
    beaten up constantly?
    so you can fullfill the needed hunger for your so called friends ego
    and then you awaken to a phone call or two
    maybe even so many as to 5
    all saying are you ok?
    are you mad at me?
    how are you doing?
    but you'll simply say i'm fine as to not be the burden on anyone
    because no one truly understand you do that?
    so you sulk and you put on a good act
    when you're honestly hurting on the inside
    and ready to cry and it builds up so much
    til you finally just let it all out
    and ocean currents just rolls down your cheeks
    for you are now a waterfall
    of helplessness
    because no one can help you and you know it
    because you honestly and truly don't understand whats even wrong
    you're just sad
    you want to be hard
    and put on a stern face
    and a good show but you can't
    because you're human....
    and you're just tired of the hurt and neglect
    by lovers, friends, comrades, whomever it may be
    you're just tired of it
    so you sit there crying
    engulfing yourself in your own tears
    over and over again
    and you realize
    everything leaves you
    nothing is forever
    not even the drinking
    or the smoking
    or the heroin
    or the cocaine
    or the speed
    nothing can help you
    because its life
    and as you realize this you finally take a deep breath
    and admit to yourself no one loves you
    no one really cares
    and you go on another day
    a dark heart individual
    blow out your candles