• Life's dreams carry so many themes,
    More beautiful than the sound of chimen' rings,
    More beautiful than how a maiden sings,
    Themes of so many colors,
    Shows the beauty that which lies within,
    A heart so pure no diamond can compare,
    Nor can a rose's complexity show the beauty of one so pure,
    Only one stain can mar and show the sin,

    The patter of the rain,
    Shows the beauty of the stallion's mane,
    The crashing of the waves,
    Shows the direction at which the wind sways,

    The fire within burns in so many ways,
    Only swayed by that of which places itself in the days,
    Of choices maze,

    A flower dies,
    Only to be succeeded by the great oak of timeless cries,
    Charish the beauty of life's themes,
    Follow your destiny at which fate deems,
    And don't sigh,
    For at that beauty cries!