• Dark Angel, Dark Angel, why do you cry?
    your tears form the clouds in this desolate sky.

    Dark Angel, Dark Angel, why the long face?
    Your worries and sorrows create pain in this place.

    Dark Angel, Dark Angel, the others they speak
    they whisper silent secrets; they say you are weak.

    Dark Angel, Dark Angel, why won't you smile?
    the Heavens above you believe you're worthwhile.

    Dark Angel replies with deep heavy sighs,
    "I've heard all their pleas, I've heard all their cries."

    She speaks with a whisper so distant and low,
    "they hurt each other but nobody knows."

    "the world below us is a terrible place,
    for nobody saw the pain on my face."

    "The night I had pain was the night that I died,
    and nobody cared, and nobody cried."

    "so when you ask of the tears on my long, sorrowed face,
    remember I'm sad for the people in that dark cruel place."

    "remember before you give that hard blow,
    that it may just be hurting someone more than you know."

    "remember to think before you must speak,
    for sometimes the person is more than just weak."

    and with that the dark angel stood up with a smile
    and entered the Heavens with a final goodbye.

    And ever since then, on that dark, quiet night,
    I've remembered to help someone keep up their fight.

    For we are all in this world, and all different we may be
    But we mustn't forget what angels can see.