• Somethings are better unspoken
    Silence is the gold token
    Quiet breathing,silent sobs,
    The night sneakily,takes:it hungrily,robs
    Secrets and filthy Lies
    All the stories that I used to buy
    From you,my horrible cause
    The cause of my pain
    Of my suffering
    Of my torturing cries,
    And I fight,but only to fail if I even try,
    This is a game to you
    My pain is your favorite toy
    My cries bring you joy
    All this,because of you
    The painful tears,
    The deafening sobs,
    The aching emptiness in my chest,
    The stories I believed the best,
    And the only thing I left you
    That sad...broken..kiss I blew,
    Was goodbye to you