• Over and over the ticking still ticks.
    Screaming it's perfect sanity it clicks.

    "Its order, its rule, inescapable they say!
    Its life, its mind, is the only way!"

    Why does it tick, that assuming power?
    Will it not see, the death of a flower?

    Can it not tell, it lowers men to death?
    Will it not cease, for one lover's breath?

    Why clock, why do you tick and tock?!
    You are a retched, hateful thing, wall clock!

    You're a murder, a killer, a beast to fear!
    You scream and boast your noise in my ear!

    I hate you, clock, you foul villainous thing!
    Oh how I fear that dreaded bell's ring!

    The toll of the chime says another hour dead.
    Gone forever, but a memory in my head.

    No more, clock, no more will you steal!
    I can't take this loss, a loss none should feel.

    You b*****d, you fiend of time, no more!
    Stop making men of boys and life into chore!

    You villain, you criminal, I demand your silence!
    I swear your ticking will be met with my violence!

    Why do you continue whilst I scream?!
    What is it that keeps you in your spinning dream?

    Can you not stop, even if you would?
    Do you weep in pain, and wish you could?

    Tick slower then, at least you must try!
    Hold still right away, or all will wilt and die!

    You great destroyer, you endless thief,
    You'll kill us all, down to every last leaf!

    Tick on clock, tock with sick glee,
    Your perfect song won't be for me.

    I'll ignore you, shun you, pretend you are naught!
    It'll be as if you never were bought.

    But even if 'm free in mind and soul,
    My body cannot always remain as whole.

    You clever trickster, clock, you've got the perfect plan.
    You are absolute, by absolutely existing in man.

    You tick and tock and my heart beats along.
    Like a brilliant, intricate, synchronized song.

    Woe to man, ever to suffer this fate.
    Strung along by the clock's cruel hate.