• A work of faith it takes to leap
    but furthermore, i humbly seek

    the will to jump and have no fear
    about what lies beyond so near

    and as the more i stop and wait
    i soon progress and start to hate

    my judgment of whats come to pass
    my shattered will, like broken glass

    yet bringing in the light so clear
    i stop in wonder, to pause and hear

    your promises put my mind at ease
    as you lead me on like a gentle breeze

    to stiller waters than i've come to know
    you took me in, and gave me a home

    still further have my hopes run dry
    beyond the peace that you supply

    i cannot stop and take you in
    as i continue for my whim

    a blacked heart shares many scars
    but turning now from mine to ours

    a hand comes down, i am whisked away,
    no longer do i dread this day

    my joy abound you lift me high
    i spread my wings and learn to fly

    a lesson learned is a lesson gained
    the trick to love is that you remain

    a steady heart keeps it going straight
    for what is love, without sibling fate