• i see you smiling,
    i walk by and your expression looks like you're dying.
    is it because to them, your lying...
    or deep down,
    you're crying.

    day by day,
    everything remains the same.
    what you used to say, never sounded so lame.
    on the phone; we were meant to be.
    in person; you see everyone, but me.

    playing it off, like it meant nothing at all.
    but on msn, the lyrics in my name would expose it all.
    it was about you,
    but in your head you felt bad for who you thought my names were too.

    if you're reading this,
    you are probably confused.
    only because this time,
    its not all about you.

    like the breaking news,
    its about something more that isn't commonly used.