• Glass

    My hand pressed on the glass
    Knowing this will be my last
    My icy breath smeared across
    My distant smile lost
    Looking from the outside in
    All the memories begin
    Their all the same, nothing new
    Tear me all the way through
    Tired of acting as someone I'm not
    How can I when I forgot
    Who I really am inside
    And put aside
    What do I have to call “home”
    Am I really all alone?
    Locked to see the truth
    Even from you
    In the window I'll stare at the reflection
    For that is who I am, an infection
    Theses eye's weren't the same as yesterday
    This face has come to betray
    Red drips down the glass
    Knowing this will be the last
    Left so broken and jaded
    I have fallen, I have faded