• this is a poem.
    it is a poem about someone i love
    not the kind of love you feel for the person you marry
    but the love you feel for that person who's friendship you value so much that when she hurts you hurt too.

    she looks at "her" she feels like she's missing something
    not because "that girl" looks better than her
    not because "she" has better family or better friends
    not because "she" has something that she want's
    it's because "she" has "him"
    "he" who makes her wait for him only to be dissapointed when he does not come
    it eats her up everytime she sees them together
    it hurts her when she sees that "she" has him
    it makes her ask herself "what am i missing?" "what does "she" have that i don't?"
    but she's not missing anything
    you see...
    she feels inferior, she's always felt that way, and now that she sees that the guy she wants is with someone else.. that brought back her insecurities
    she's aways felt less
    and it hurts me to see what she goes though
    i try to let her know the truth
    that he is blind and stupid
    that she can do better
    but when someone has an idea in their head about themself it's hard to make them believe otherwise
    so i wait
    i wait for the day when she will see what i see
    to see what everyone else, even "him" sees
    i know that she will
    she has to...