• I hide my face with my hair,
    for a simple stare from you,
    will head me bare.
    You stare me down with evil pride,
    you THINK you can save me
    from this EMO tide.

    I lay in hopeful sorrow,
    Naked and alone,
    When thoughts of you,
    form into a distant song.
    I awake in numbful terror,
    for fear I may have hurt you,
    in the smile that came to a loathing stare.

    I turn over and stare at my corner,
    the place of comfort I call my own.
    Then I stare at the starlit sky.
    And think of a loved one and start to cry.
    I stare at a picture,
    so cleverly hidden from Devil's Claws,
    Tucked in my heart with hopes of tomorrow's sun.

    I miss your tender smile,
    For I fear you have changed,
    from that sweet little woman,
    to someone with great distain.
    An angel looms over an arch,
    Awaiting you, my sweet little dove,
    to change from the unreliable crow,
    to that enchanted swan.