• "My beautiful, beautiful girl."
    Please stop, cant anyone see?
    Cant YOU see?
    I don't love you.
    I let you hold me! touch me.!
    I sacrifice my life for you.
    Anything- everyone- its all for you.
    What do you call this?
    Its not love- it never was
    To you, it is.
    Why am I playing games with you?
    Why do I let you on?
    I say I'll dump you- to myself-,
    But it never hold true.
    With lonely nights,
    Holding myself and hating the cold-
    But when you call, I feel happy.
    When you hang up- I feel hatred.
    what is this?
    Is it just the idea of someone loving
    Me that keeps this on?
    When will I tell you that you are
    Just a tool?

    And then...

    I smile, with deep eyes.
    I just.... smile.