• Even in the light I know you can never see me.
    Pain is slow and she is easy.
    Thinking thoughts
    Losing blood
    And wasting time.
    Smoking the last cigarette.

    Distant voices call my name.
    Heavy words from the sky,
    Giving birth to my shame.
    Don’t let this burden crush my wonders.
    Forsaken with the little pride I maintain.
    Cleanse my mind with this last napkin.

    Let me be the brick that stabilizes your person.
    Like the worker at strain.
    Cement me in my own self,
    And pave my life with smooth strokes.

    For the artless,
    And loveless bodies that roam Earth.
    I see you all from up here,
    And sigh as life worsens for your kind.
    Sometimes I wish this atheist could pray for you.
    The earth is beauty and the people are not.
    Restricted to the only true freedom I sought for.

    Confined to this doubled up chime.
    Lost in the moment that is my red sanctuary,
    Earth crumbling like that last pillar to destruction.
    I save the worthy and leave the needy.
    Here’s my card.
    When the world ends give me a call.
    I’m always home.