• I wonder where you are
    Am I who you wish to see
    Autumn wind blowing
    Are you thinking of me?

    It's true that I do love you
    It's realistic that I care
    The sunset's warming glow
    Do you wish like me that I was there?

    It's scary when I think
    Horrible thoughts come to mind
    Stars shining brightly
    Should the clocks rewind?

    I'm sorry if you're angry
    Please tell me if something is wrong
    The shadowed moon appears
    Did you know I was worried all along?

    I hope I'm not being needy
    My walls have been rebuilt very faulty
    The sky is slowly lightening
    These tears of mine are excruciatingly salty

    I'll bundle myself up again
    So I won't be a bother to you
    The sun has carefully risen
    Please stay and love me too.