• On withered wings you fly
    Through a tattered night sky.

    Humming to a twisted lullaby,
    All of physics’ laws you couldn’t defy
    While bound in this mortal armament
    Of sinful skin and hellish torment.

    With lungs of iron you breathe toxic air
    And with words of hate you bring despair.

    Cast off these prying eyes!
    As it would be so wise.
    Cast off this wicked flesh!
    I bid you, I behest.

    As feathers fall and bones disintegrate
    Let your soul shed this burdening deadweight.

    In a tripping, drunken waltz you fly
    A dizzyingly slow death you’ll die.
    You are a bird with broken, weakened wings
    Held unsteadily, so high, by puppet strings.

    And all the wonders your eyes will never see
    As materialistic eyes see blearily.

    Your eyes strained and cataract.
    Bones aching and arthritic.
    Your mind is slow and weary.
    Let your imprisoned soul free.