• Once, I was transported back in time.
    It was a time of hate,
    A time of grief,
    A time of pain.

    I could not remember anything.
    My name,
    My exact age,
    My mother,
    My father,
    My brother,
    My grandparents,
    My aunts and uncles,
    All forgotten.

    I knew that something was amiss,
    But what, I did not know.
    I didn’t even know how I knew.

    Then the Nazis came,
    And they took us all away.

    Away from home,
    Away from friends,
    Away from pets,
    Away from family.

    We were separated from our fathers,
    Our brothers,
    Our cousins,
    And our grandfathers.

    Our belongings were no longer ours.
    They were wrongfully and brutally taken away.

    I was forced to sleep on a hard, painful wooden cot with no mattress.
    Not even straw.

    I could feel the sorrow,
    The hate,
    The anger,
    And the pain of death floating gracefully around the camp.

    Many days have passed now.
    Each one has left me hungrier than the one before.
    Everyday seems to get longer,
    And each day leaves me weaker.

    Many people arrived at this camp,
    And they were dropping like flies.
    They were taken to Lilith’s Cave,
    But they did not return.
    Those who weren’t forced to enter the cave’s dusky mouth,
    Died from exhaustion or sickness.

    I had cried long and hard,
    Until there was a river on the floor,
    And two streams running down my cheek.
    If I could,
    I would have gladly drowned in my salty tears.

    When I woke in the morning,
    I did my best to forget the bad,
    And look at the good.

    As I did my work,
    I felt as if I was being watched by hungry hawks,
    For some reason that I could not fathom.

    I was an organizer.
    I gathered supplies for the new comers,
    And I gathered supplies to take to the Nazis.

    As an organizer,
    I was forced to sneak or steal,
    Whatever was needed.

    During my long stay at the gruesome camp,
    Time seemed meaning less.
    And I soon forgot the day.
    The month.
    The year.
    The season.
    The hour of the day.

    Then came the day,
    That a Nazi ordered three of my friends,
    To take the journey through the mouth of Lilith’s Cave.

    I wanted to escape so badly,
    And I wanted someone to live and remember.
    So when the Nazi wasn’t looking,
    I stopped one of the girls,
    And I traded her places.

    I walked into the mouth of Lilith’s Cave.