• The darkness forms within you, within your beating heart,
    and when they were created, the worlds were left apart.
    Apart their hearts were safe, apart they were protected,
    the worlds are now awake, forever more connected.
    The shadows are yet growing, the skies above grow black,
    the worlds are disappearing, there is no going back.
    The darkness closes in, your heart has flown away,
    you're left an empty shell, but here you are to stay.
    Though your heart is gone, the shadows come not near,
    you are above those weaklings, your thoughts you do still hear.
    Although you are not shadow, you still are not quite whole,
    your heart is gone, that's true, but you still retain your soul.
    'What is my name?' they hear you say, but silence cannot reply,
    you stand alone, yes all alone, in yourself you must rely.
    The strong who lose their hearts, fear shadow nor fear light,
    the Kingdom Hearts they seek, but hide within the night.
    Thirteen strong we are, will you join us in our quest?
    until our hearts regained, we shall never rest.