• This skull is going to shatter,
    These eyes want to lament.
    A tiny smile may border these lips,
    But never shall the sincerity attain these eyes.
    Might as well be mute,
    As this voice is hushed and irrecoverable.
    No pity is craved,
    No help is urged.
    Numbness is endorsed,
    Disguising the unchanging misery.
    A vulgar ache in this chest,
    Pulsing out an unsteady life.
    All those people,
    So enchanting and impeccable.
    Why can't this soul rest,
    Rid itself of this ineffective passion.
    Thoughts voyaging,
    Overwhelming this girl with this world.
    These ears cannot listen,
    Unmoved by the hypnotic voices.
    Why aren't I good enough.