• Hate was the feeling I felt
    I hated everything including my self
    She left me
    She tore my heart in half.
    She left me dead inside
    Only me,
    All alone,
    Dead inside
    I couldn’t take it
    The madness was getting to me
    This feeling was driving me crazy
    Just giving up on every thing
    Only me,
    All alone
    Dead inside
    Crying all night and fighting all day
    I was hurt inside
    I thought I’d be like this forever
    Only me
    All alone
    Dead inside

    Until I met her
    She was beautiful to me
    Her eyes wear bright like the moon
    Her voice like birds singing in the sky
    She had become my new drug
    I was addicted to her and only her
    With her kiss she brought me down to my knees
    She was the one for me
    She heald my heart that was torn in half
    Id fallen in love once more
    Not only me,
    She was with me,
    I wasn’t alone anymore