• It's a rush
    So delicious; malnutritious--
    Such a rush!
    Erratic heart beat
    Like a drum-- Ba-bum--
    Coursing ice inside
    So numb

    Sounds like trouble
    Inside, outside--
    All around!
    My trouble bubble,
    So precious, like
    A snowglobe, rubble
    Shattered on the floor...

    That's all-- "Whoops!"
    My bad! (I'm bad.)
    Didn't mean it--
    To tie your brain in
    Not for knots!
    You love-me-not
    A lot, you love me-- Not.
    For naught...

    Dig a hole
    For me now
    Right into me-- Not my chest!
    Trough the ear canal-- POW!
    Six feet in!
    Should I take a bow?
    It's toxic! It's loud--
    This tiny whisper! How...?

    Roaring in my icy-numbness
    Crooning, swooning,
    Tearing me down; make me less
    Is it this?
    Did you want it? I confess--
    It appeals to me, this mess
    Glorious, sticcato!
    Quid pro quo
    My sanity, your vanity;
    My high for your low
    But-- you know--
    I digress
    I guess.

    Oh, do you get it?
    No? Would you try?
    No? I'm Two cryptic
    Too sly
    Too for two for you to eye
    So, will you let it
    Tear me-- Down!
    And get sick
    Get ready for--
    This next trick
    You'll flip!
    I swear, I've got this
    N-nervous tick...

    Like a clock!--
    Watch me
    Move ahead and
    You a**!
    Get off on my sass
    Tick-tock, get ready! c**k
    (The gun, of course!)
    Listen up! Lock and load and
    Lock me up
    Pull my tri--

    Are you still reading?
    My lord...

    You're bored.

    Here's the
    Grande finale?
    You'll never know--
    You won't

    Hide me (Seek me)
    Fun house, my mirrors--Oh!
    The slide, Down
    The hole
    Look at this!
    I'm white as snow!

    Fluttering veins,
    My shying, lying butterfly-- Pulse
    To and fro
    Rock my boat, making me--
    Sick! No--
    I'm making you--
    Sick! With
    My sick?
    Is that so?
    Pitter-patter, patter-pat-- Woah...

    Hold the horses!
    I think
    This might be the E--
    Well, maybe not,
    You know me! (Not.)
    Such a drama queen
    Such a whore--
    For your attention.

    At attention for you
    To see! You see,
    My brain has gone
    All Military
    But it doesn't help
    The tangles or the angles
    Or the YOU-HATE-ME-LOVE-ME knots

    It just...
    Shoots me down
    So free--You see--
    When no one sees
    I wanted you to see,
    To be!
    To stop me--
    But you flee the flea
    You flee
    My flee

    Go ahead and go now
    Curtain call! We all fall
    And, really, this is how
    The best go down, with
    A bang--
    A crash--
    A pow--
    A loud, piercing flatline
    My battlecry--
    I cry, and--
    "Ugh, Not again."

    Yeah, again. And again.
    And again and again and--
    I'm a b***h
    I itch
    For that thin, red line
    Catatonic, in my mind
    Tick-tock, tock-tick-- Again?
    (I'm so repetitive)
    And BOOM!
    (Dynamite! Tick, tick, tick...)

    There it goes!
    The metaphor!
    My funny, oh-so-punny
    House mirrors breaking
    At half-past four
    Reflecting nothing, any--
    More or
    Back, and you and me, we go:
    "No more," not more!
    Tell me there's no more!
    God, this thing's a bore. A--

    Greedy whore.
    I'm ALWAYS a bore.
    I'm too hot to handle;
    Too deep to-- Cross

    My Dear Heart,
    I hope to die
    Before I let you in
    And lie. I lie!
    I swear--
    Is truth within and
    In my plainest words...

    In a rush and roar
    Without the Lion
    I have no core
    "No more."
    I'm more
    The numbers will tell you my score
    In this game--
    And I'm losing it.