• You say you hate your smile,
    I wait for you,
    but you tell me,
    that it'll be awhile.
    You're afraid to take that first step,
    because to fall,
    is an embarrassment,
    you're not willing to risk at all.

    You hang on my arm,
    wobbling though the fear,
    you're face does not conceal your alarm.
    Those tears of yours,
    are so bitter and lost,
    you tell me you hate your life,
    your wrists a perfect apple,
    you wish to slice.

    Why can't you see the beauty?
    Why can't you see if you were gone,
    I would miss you ever so dearly.
    To have us part,
    that silence,
    would just break my heart.
    You say that you're not smart at all,
    that all you're worth is a blade of glass,
    and that all the good things about you,
    are just downfalls.

    I would trade all my happiness away for you to call me a loser,
    and to let me help you when you blunder.
    Nothing is prettier than your smile,
    nothing shines brighter.

    I'm really blessed.

    How much more can you take,
    until your heart breaks?