• What is the whole meaning of war
    People even forget what they're fighting for
    Theres blood spilling, killing and gore
    And every day theres more and more
    I doubt it will ever end
    People say theres hope but its only pretend
    You might find yourself fighting your friend
    You don't want to hurt them so you only defend
    But they just push and push until you attack
    And you get so mad everything goes black
    After you wake a different person is on the floor
    Cause after this you wont be friends anymore
    People say "change, for better or for worse"
    But i believe this is just a big curse
    A killing disease that has no cure
    So I doubt we will ever be pure
    This world is going from green and blue to just red
    Where beauty and nature was now theres bloodshed
    Even though violence is deep in our heads
    We still go to sleep peacefully in our beds
    This is something we should think of
    Don't think of hate but think of love
    And before you pull the trigger or take out the knife
    Think about how you can save someones life