• i look through my window
    with the moonlight beaming
    as i gaze at the trees
    the wind grows wild
    but tired grow the leaves
    quitely watching as all the birds chirps grow lazy
    looking in the mirror to ever really see myself again
    the world around me would go crazy
    nothing ever seems to stay the same
    emotions moving to quickly for our minds
    i don't really know what to say because someones always on my mind
    the longer the time our emotions grow vein
    we never notice our impatience telling why so many are called insane
    we forget to let them go as our emotions grow strong
    we look into the wind for its the only one singing a happy song
    we all are minorities
    but who really stands out
    the ones who let go of the past
    or the ones who live in it wearing their welcomes out
    looking at the stars all we see their faces
    sometimes crying in our hearts but smiling on our faces
    we look at the world for what it is not what it could be not for what goes on inside it
    we just immediately judge, we always say its okay
    until the smoke an fog make us blind of what we used to see
    we yell at our walls and scream out our feelings
    missing our happiness
    and our true feeling
    we look around but everyone seems so appealing
    though it makes no sense its easier to understand
    then me telling you to your face
    our human minds so revealing
    a look at a river
    a turn towards spring
    while this is a reflection in your eyes
    no one else but i can see