• I remember you
    Even from before I knew my self
    We spent days and nights living in heaven and in hell
    And you where there like a teacher
    Trying to steer me down a road where I would not be forgotten, where not so many go
    I remember those last summer nights, spent drinking
    Full of woulds and coulds
    And you would scream and be destructive and laugh at all the pain
    I would watch and smile watching and learning from the best
    We never knew what the future held in store
    In the last summer all was going smooth
    Playing on the playgrounds, firing off into the air and drinking on some roofs
    Time of revolution spent in meetings or night of wild parties, and of course dreams of freedom and our own liberation
    Days spent drinking never knew they would end, surrounded by depression but also by good friends
    We would sing songs together on the sidewalk or win a room
    And dance to Irish music
    But still we joked of insecurities with smiles of delight
    I heard your voice on a Wednesday, our last voice on the line
    You where in Boston I was stuck at home
    You said that you loved me and we spoke for a while, and I told you that I loved you, and said it with a smile
    That night you got drunk woke in an alley one arm broken
    I remember Mondays, waking up and 2am, jokes of past revolution, time spent in tears, we always loved it most when we walked away with tears but hand in hand
    I can recall that Friday, call from an uncle death of your only brother
    We cried and wished times backwards
    You cursed that dammed car wreak and searched for higher ground
    I hope you where smiling at the end I know you held on tight
    And now I’m lost in this place we knew so well
    Spinning circles in these lands we held so fast
    And where the grace of your presences of you soul can still bring me to my knees and our fantasies still leaving wish
    So I will count the coins and roll the dice
    But in this world there are victims and the guilty do prevail
    So I will hold the line and I will tell your tale
    For you my fallen comrade I will always fight
    We held fast many a night with tears in our eyes, arm in arm
    And many nights we slept side by side and touching lips
    mysteries of truth and whispers in the darkness