• Teardrops hit the floor, splish, splash,
    My heart smacks the ground, hit, crash,
    Cut out my soul, save the pieces,
    Gut out my hope, it had no meaning.

    Nothing amounts to the emptiness,
    Nothing amounts to the pain,
    I'd rather be numb, to tell the truth,
    Than to have a broken heart unsoothed.

    There will be no one again,
    That much is true,
    I learned my lesson,
    Never trust you.

    Whoever you are, the next in line,
    To kill me again, break me in time,
    I wish you luck, to love someone so cold,
    A broken heart can turn to stone.

    In love you kept falling,
    In my love you were safe,
    But I hit the floor...
    You loved her more.

    I had you first, it isn't fair,
    I loved you most, so don't tear,
    My heart goes to parts,
    The ones you shattered,
    I've fallen through the cracks,
    And it won't have ever even mattered.

    I dreamed last night,
    You weren't so mean,
    You loved me and only me,
    But a dream... Is just a dream.

    So I find now that you're gone,
    I'm going to rot this way,
    Maybe I can pray...
    That I'll die not before long.

    In death I might find peace,
    In the absense of feeling,
    I might just find the ease,
    To stay forever sleeping.