• We were at one time best friends
    Talk, cry, laugh, play
    But it all decided to bend
    Our friendship is a lie, I learned today
    You assumed I didn't care
    After all we've been through
    This isn't fair
    I thought we would be together forever but I guess it's due
    Well you what, Forget you!
    Say what you want I no longer care
    Since it seems there is nothing else to share
    It would've been easier if we've never met
    You would agree to that I bet
    If I didn't care I wouldn't cry
    And want to believe your words were a lie
    Like it was a dream
    But instead it's reality
    You say I ignore you and I don't care
    But if you take the time to freaking think
    Your the one that hurt me and made me sink
    Farther than the pits of hell
    To where I can't even yell
    I now know if you were beside me when I'm dying
    You would be laughing instead of crying
    Your wrong yet not the devil
    As I fall lower, you pulled the level
    I don't know how to feel
    If only it wasn't real
    You made me feel like s**t inside
    And as if it's time to die
    I have no more to do with you
    So forget your birthday and forget you!
    I remembered your birthday I wished to say to you
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From me to you
    But since I don't 'care'
    I wont give you a bear
    Or even a hello
    But I wont tell you to go to hell like you told me so
    Your not the only one who feels low
    There is nothing I want to give to you
    Just to say forget you!