• Red rose,

    a sign of beauty

    and love.

    So to show you

    my love,

    I'll give you a single

    red rose.


    White rose,

    a sign of youthfulness

    and how worthy I am of you.

    So to show you my youth

    and worth,

    I'll give you a

    white rose.


    I'll give you both

    at the same time

    so I can show you are


    Are love flows threw

    the unity that we always had.


    When I become your bride,

    and you see me walk down the isle...

    I'll be holding white bridle roses,

    a sign of happy love.

    Because my love,

    I wish for this love

    to never end.


    When eve I need you

    to thank you

    or for you

    to please believe me.

    I'll give you a

    Pink rose.


    When I ever have enthusiasm

    for some thing you


    I'll give you a

    Orange rose.


    When ever I desire

    you in any way.

    I'll give you a

    Coral rose.


    I'll always give you a

    Lavender rose.

    To show you that I

    have loved you

    at first sight.


    I'll always give you a

    Blue rose.

    To show you that it's

    impossible for any one

    to love you more than me.


    To show you my gratitude

    I'll give you a

    Single rose in any color.

    But will maybe

    never mean,



    And to tell you even more

    that this was love at first sight

    I'll give you a

    Thornless rose.


    For every girl we may bring

    into this world

    give her a

    white rose bud.

    to show the girlhood

    that comes with her.


    And my love,

    don't be afraid

    to give me a

    Black rose.

    Even though it means:

    death and farewell.

    To me it tells me that you