• I thought that I was in love
    I only thought of one person and that was you
    I kept you hidden so we may be together....
    I knew this happened alot to other couples
    then you left me
    The things I thought of you were different
    From what you are doing now
    What should I do?
    What can I do....
    Does were the questions that I asked myself
    I am filled with sadness and hate toward myself and you
    The only people I can trust is my friends
    It was like a love story that ended in suicide but...
    .....who will do it first
    I loved you and...
    right now I am keeping your letters that reminded of you
    I always listen to OUR favorite songs
    I keep purrrrring and Meowing
    Just to keep you in my memory
    I am in love with you and thats all I want you to know...
    I wish with all my heart that you will talk to me again
    but you still ignored me
    So you left and I cried
    ...Now what?...

    "Aishite Imasu" heart