• Going to a prom night,
    With your first boyfriend,
    Expecting your first kiss.
    Wanna have your first dance...
    Its gonna be special.
    Your hand in his,
    Her hand in yours.

    You better enjoy it while it lasts,
    Its your first dance,
    Then comes the first kiss,
    From your first boyfriend.
    And guess what?
    He might be your first love...

    You know its gonna last forever,
    The first love might,
    The first kiss wont,
    The dance... Well it can last forever and always...
    As long as your both together.
    Just take her into your arms tonight.

    The next day at school,
    He's telling his friends about the magical night,
    You and all the girls are talking about the guy,
    That they shared their first dance, kiss with...
    Your keeping quiet but you'll have told everyone by lunch.
    He's checking you out as you pass on by,
    Telling his friends 'Thats her'!

    In the back of the classroom,
    Your sitting with him, all happy and smiling.
    You want to tell him that you love him,
    How he makes you feel...
    But he beat you to that.
    He says that he loves you more than anyone,
    That your his favourite girl!

    You whisper to all your friends,
    That he loves you and you love them.
    They're jealous, just what you want everyone to be like...
    You want everyone to say,
    'They're the hottest couple in the school! They love each other'
    Every girl wants that kind of relationship...

    And it all started with...
    A girl and a boy,
    Going to a dance,
    Holding hands,
    Sharing their first dance...
    And then POW!
    The first kiss!

    And all started with,
    An extra amazing first kiss...
    In the middle of their first dance.